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»Sacred Earth Matters

We believe that care of our earth is a moral and spiritual imperative.


Our mission is to celebrate the sacredness of all creation and to inspire and mobilize our congregation to play a leadership role in building a just and sustainable world.

The Sacred Earth Group is a fellowship of individuals who love God’s creation and wish to actively interconnect it with their spiritual journey. Over the past several years we have participated in outdoor restoration activities, Earth Sunday worship services and the UCUCC Elementary education program. We are a Greening Congregation and participate in Community Supported Agriculture.


We began a new initiative in 2007 to engage and inform our congregation about global climate change, and to help individuals understand ways to make a difference. Sacred Earth Matters aims to provide useful tools to deal with these pressing issues.

Join us - We welcome new members who might be interested in working with us. We meet the second Sunday of each month after the morning service, and often share a light lunch. Contact: Call Mary Ellen Smith (206)525-0494 or Email MaryEllen.


Resources for learning more —


Solar Panels

See how our new solar panels are saving us energy and other information about the installation on our roof:>

For more information about the installation and design of the solar array that was installed on the roof of UCUCC in June 2014, click this link to a page on the website of our solar contractor InvestSolar:


Sacred Earth Newsletters

A Quarterly Newsletter to Help Our Earth

               Fall, 2008

               Winter, 2008

               Fall, 2010


Books to read


The Omnivore's Dilemma, by Michael Pollan, 2006
Field Notes from a Catastrophe by Elizabeth Kolbert, 2006
Animals, Vegetables and Miracles by Barbara Kingsolver & Steven L. Hopp, 2007
The Future of Life by Edward O. Wilson, 2002


A Sacred Earth Matters Book Review by Michael Clarke

E. O. Wilson is the Pellegrino University Research Professor Emeritus and Honorary Curator in Entomology at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University.

His preface in The Future of Life is an imaginary letter to Thoreau. He thanks Thoreau for putting the environmental ethic in place. He envisions an environmental Armageddon due to human overpopulation and wasteful consumption. He thinks the situation is desperate but there is hope that the “planetary killer” will mend its ways.

Wilson discusses the multiple problems of  habitat destruction, water shortages, invasion by foreign species, and extinction of animals and plants. He emphasizes that the environment is very important  but economists and governments tend to ignore numbers that count, such as the global population and  the ecological footprint, Defined as the average amount of land that a person needs for food production, housing, water, waste absorption, etc.

Wilson also talks about bacteria, tigers, trees, birds and the general effect of declining biodiversity. He poses the question “How much is the Biosphere Worth?” The greatest ongoing damage is the destruction of tropical forests.  He points out how many useful drugs and other products have been found in the tropical forests such as the Amazon, yet these are being destroyed by logging and ranching.

According to Wilson, progress towards global conservation will depend upon cooperation between three secular stanchions of civilized existence, i.e. government, the private sector, and science and technology. Non-government organizations such as World Wildlife Fund and Nature Conservancy also play an extremely important part in conservation together with cooperation with local people.

The book includes copious notes for each of the seven chapters and a useful glossary.

Links to other websites


Of current interest
World Wildlife Fund, Earth Hour


Carbon Footprint, things you can do:

Seattle's Climate Action Now Website

Seattle Times Climate Challenge Website

Carbon Conscious Consumers Blog

Phinney-Greenwood Climate Change Action Now Website

Suggestions from New American Dream Website for how to make a difference.


Local groups/news

Climate Dialogues - a campaign of community learning and discussion that begins with small group dialogues

Seattle Climate Action Now

Phinney Eco Village - a local action group working on global warming issues




Seattle City Light - Residential conservation programs a and service

Puget Sound Energy - Conservation strategies

Energy Star - Information on ratings and strategies


Research, information  global warming

Exploratorium - Overview of climate change research

Climate Dialogues - A Citizens' Climate Briefing

Princeton Environmental Institute - Carbon Migration Initiative



Metro Transit's On-line Trip Planner

Rideshare On-line - resources for identifying people to share rides with

International Sustainability Institute - computer toolkit


Theological/ Faith perspectives

National Council of Churches - God's Earth is Sacred

National Council of Churches - Eco-justice program

Earth Ministry home page



Earth Ministry's Calendar of Events

Resource Venture's Calendar of Events

The Collaborative on Health and Environment - Calendar of Events

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